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VMD & Store Development dep Manage


1. Take in charge the management of all Visual Merchandising programs and three-dimensional presentation development in order to; - Enhance Brand image and luxury positioning as well as create a long lasting impact and strong recall value - Develop relevant display in department stores and stand-alone boutiques that resonates with their target customers (store positioning and local preferences) - Encourage customer traffic towards the Brand, and optimize customers’ browsing through merchandise placement - Maximize sales potential of each season promotions 2. Organize Displays timely rotation and themes depending on seasons, calendar events, current fashions and trends. Constantly adjust visual propositions and optimize display effectiveness by understanding consumer buying behavior through study of store sell-thru results by products and field staff feedback on store sales and customer profile. 3. Supervise concept/execution consistency in the area of merchandising, including visual merchandising guidelines, window programs, podiums and light box. - 6 Boutiques and 3 Outlets - 60 Corners in department stores 4. Together with MD division, select and plan the product assortment and quantities needed to VMD planning, coordination of colors, materials 5. Issue details VMD guidelines for field staff, edit and update display book


- Degree in Visual Communications or Merchandising Design - 2-3 years experience in prestige/luxury fashion retail