As you know, there are thousands of recruiting companies out there. (Far too many, I think!) As a former HR manager, I know how frustrating it can be to deal with so many recruiters and agencies, especially when most of them seem to just waste your time.

Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio does not work with every company in the market, nor do we have a desire to. We select a handful of good strong companies and brands and work strategically to help them succeed. This means that we have to turn away business sometimes, but we believe that quality and deep relationships is the key to making recruiting truly successful.

We will not send you a candidate that has not met and screened personally. Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio has personal relationships with some of the most talented bi- lingual retail professionals in the business. We believe that each candidate represents the quality of this company, and Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio is very careful to keep that quality high.

This is a PEOPLE, not product business, so bigger is not always better. Most recruiting companies are too busy focusing on making money to understand this. Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio does not plan to grow this business too big, as size often dilutes the personal touch that we bring to this business, which is our defining strength.

If you feel that we can be of service to your company in any of the following areas:

  • Retail Back Office Staffing (bi-lingual)
  • Retail Operations Staffing Solutions
  • Volume Staffing Solutions
  • Contingency Search Solutions
  • Confidential Search
  • International Retail Staffing (especially back office bi-lingual)
  • Start-up Staffing Solutions

... please contact Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio.