About Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio

Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio is a division of Global Talent Management LLC. (GTM). Headquartered in Southern California with operations in Tokyo (Howell Creations K.K.) and an Asia-wide retail network, GTM has been operation since 2001.

With an Asia wide network of over 10,000 retail fashion professionals, we are fully dedicated to servicing the Japan and Asia Pacific retail fashion industry. offering the following services:

  • Retail Back Office & Operations staffing support
  • Career Advising services
  • Retail Start-up staffing support
  • HR & Executive career advising and staffing support
  • Retained, Volume & Contingency search solutions

Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio was founded and is headed by Cecil John Howell, an experienced and dedicated retail staffing and HR professional with 10 years in HR Management, training and recruiting and over 12 years of doing business and living in Asia.

Meet Cecilio


A Recruitment firm should be a SERVICE business, dedicated to finding the best people to support company’s strategic objectives. There is far too great a focus placed on making placements and meeting financial (not service and retention) targets in the Recruiting market. The result is increased turnover and an increase in job hopping, which is a loose-loose situation.

The job of a recruiter is to work diligently as a team between HR, the hiring manager and the candidate, to find the right balance and place the right person for the job, not just haggle over compensation. I believe a mid-term focus on both candidate career management and client job placements, is absolutely essential to ensure long term success for both client and candidate.

Even after almost 10 years in the industry, Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio is still a fresh approach to an old business. You have my word that Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio will never put financial objectives ahead of the careers of my candidates or the best interest of my clients.


Cecil Howell, Managing Consultant

The Buzz

The Official Fashion in Asia linkedin group is the community which I frequently visit and contribute ideas most. Cecil having started this group has grown the community to include no less than the best in the fashion industry talents in Asia and beyond. Cecil has been great in encouraging members to contribute ideas and in turn also shares his wealth of experience with the community. By keeping a clear focus on what he wants achieved out of the group, he has kept discussions and promotions distinctlvely seperate which makes visiting this group all the more enticing.

Danny Lim Assistant General Manager at T Galleria - DFS Okinawa K.K.

I know Cecil in person, I can highly recommend him for his work and contributions to create and develop the Fashion in Asia group. There are zillion fashion groups here in likendin but Cecil is the original organizer of the Fashion in Japan group, and he expeanded this concept to establish the Fashion in Asia. FIJ is not a virtual group, we actually meet from time to time in Tokyo. I had the chance to meet many nice people from the industry thanks to these gatherings. Cecil knows quite a lot of people in fashion business, thanks to his company specialized in the fashion recruiting in Japan. Cecil is an energetic person and he has the passion for fashion industry. He doesn't invite or accept just anybody to his groups, so I am sure that FIJ, FIA and any other sub-group that he may create will be a valuable support to its members.

Vaner Alper President at Yupana Japan

Cecil John Howard, as I have known him, a highly energetic, passionate and a real professional, who knows how to solve problems creatively. With his unending supply of positivity, he provides really inspiring insights and suggestions. He really knows how to encourage and lead people towards the fulfillment of the mutual goals. The guiding principle of his life, “NOTHING is more important than people” is really a rare philosophy in today’s world. And Cecil sticks to it firmly, willingly sharing his expertise and time out of his busy schedule, while expecting nothing in return. He has been the visionary brain behind The Official Fashion In Asia Group and its sub-groups, which aims to bring the professionals and people from fashion industry closer for reciprocated benefits. It has been really a great experience working with him. Cecil is truly a rare breed!

Nauman Ahmad Fashion and Textiles Professional

Cecil was my client during the time when I was working with tCognition Inc. He is one of the most process oriented clients. He trained our staff in a manner that they started producing good results. With a good coordination and understanding we have become more of friends rather than client customer relation. Cecil has lots of enthusiasm and is a great guy to work with.

Shridhar Pattar Managing Director at Atkinson Stuart (India)

I've only had the pleasure of knowing Cecil for a short time but it seems like we've know each other for much longer. Cecil is a rare breed in the sense that he takes time out of his busy schedule to share of his time with others. Sounds simple but let's face it, it's much easier said than done. His willingness to help people while expecting nothing in return I believe is one of the keys to his success. If you need to meet that right person to get something accomplished, there is a good chance that Cecil knows exactly who to put you into contact with. And it goes without saying that an introduction by Cecil is gold.

William Hunnicutt Asia Pacific Business Development

Cecil is one of the most energetic and passionate career consultants I have met. His strategy is to find the best long term fit for candidates & clients. He see things from wide view and create innovative way. He thought about client's future and gave me his best advice. Resoundingly, his advice is testable and give new perspective. He is an outstanding recruitment consultant and career advisor.

Maiko Funayama Administration and Education professional

Cecil is the most professional and reliable recruiter I've ever met. He thinks very creatively, always knows where to move and how. As the expert in recruting industry, he gives quick responses at the very first minute and provides clear instruction/advise to his clients. I got to know him when I started looking for new job oppotunities, he helped me a lot and still supporting me to reach my career goal. I really appreciate for all of his support, and I'm sure I won't be the first one or the last one who says this, he can be the best business parter and a very good friend.

Xiaoling Sun Client Care

Cecil is a very insightful professional with diverse professional experiences. He has a deep understanding of retail market/people, and always cares about people who he touches with warmst heart and at the same time provides very insightful information/suggestions which are always extraordinarily helpful for clients. He always is very easy to work, with, not to mention his language capability (especially fluent Japanese).

Makoto Takahashi HR Director

Over the past five years, I have aquatinted myself with Cecil both professionally and socially. As an external talent manager he has always provided very accurate advice to help us achieve the best results. His ability to understand organizational, strategic and long/short term business challenges and how these issues relate to hiring strategy and organizational development is truely outstanding. As a strong networker, I introduced several companies who want to expand the business in Japan. He was always willing to lend his personal and vast human network across multi-sectors, seniority levels and countries to help on the business side. His willingness to think outside the box and look at broader business issues, put him in position to business consultant in other ways. I give him my full and whole hearted recommendation.

Kenji Uesugi General Manager at Mephisto Japan

Cecil is a rare breed in the recruiting business who goes the beyond the call of duty to deliver personable, superior service. Passionate, insightful and the consummate professional, Cecil is the type of person who is successful at whatever he does.

Kurt Hahn Freelance | Corporate Training | Japan

I have moved between companies more than a couple of times mainly through what we call recruiters, but I have never seen anyone in that industry that considers my best path more seriously than Cecil. It's been really a pleasure working with him, and I am sure that it will be as well.

Kiyoshi Yoshii Representative Director at All Things Commerce Tokyo, Ltd.

Cecil John is an expert of Career Coach who can provides so much professionalized consulting and valuable advice with practical information about career development based on his relevant experience grasping individual`s background and competencies.

Shigeo Takasugi Executive Officer Head of Sales & Field Development at Shaklee Japan

I gained a lot more than I had expected from my meeting with Cecil. As a stylist just getting started with my career, I thought that the best way for me to get started would be get a job somewhere in the fashion industry. That's how I decided to hire Cecil as a career counsellor. However, upon hearing about my dream to become a stylist, Cecil shifted his focus from simply finding me a job to working on ways to help me achieve my dream. He has a great creative and organizational way of thinking, and in this way was able to use his resources to suggest various career paths for me. Before I met with Cecil, I knew where I wanted to go with my career, but the path towards that destination was vague and blurry. By the time we were done with our meeting, I had a clear idea of several different ways to achieve my dream. But meeting with Cecil also gave me much, much more. I had suggestions on improving my resume, job opportunities to help me get started with a visa, and most importantly his recommendations. By working with Cecil you not only get his access to his great mind but also an invitation to his huge network. And for anyone interested in the fashion industry, that is a huge blessing. Not to mention with a clearer vision in mind, just by talking to friends afterwards we were able to come up with more ideas for what I could do to achieve my dreams. I wholeheartedly recommend Cecil as a great career counsellor.

Raiman Au Director Talent Dynamics Japan, Entrepreneur, Business Development Consultant, Fashion Coach

Cecil John is a real leader to be abe to encourage people and lead a people & a business to achive a gaol. He has a well-balanced organizational behaviour,

Naomi Katayama Human resources Director

Cecil is a grate communicator who can give you professional advice, quickly identify the key issues that need attention and work out the appropriate course of action using his vast consulting expertise and great sense of business.

Ryoko Nakamura Founder, Lighting Designer at Vera Design Studio, LLC

Cecil has worked hard to introduce candidates beyond just throwing raw meat our way. He was dedicated and kept on it until he could find a candidate that passed our high hiring bar. Good and Quick to learn and understand our needs and move on it.

Takeshi Mitsuoka HR Manager at international SOS

Cecil is very professional in knowing what client(s) exactly want for new hiring and gives every bit of advise for interviews. He took me to the final stage of several job opportunities, one of them gave me an offre letter. He is very dedicated with his profession and works around the clock to get the best result for me every time.

Hideo Namigata Accounting Professional

Cecil has always provided very accurate and quick responses to the demands we required and proactively suggested to us the right direction. He always tries to do his best and makes the best efforts to help clients have the best results.

Rocky Kako Human Resources Associate Director at Fidelity World Wide Investments

Cecil is the most outstanding recruiter I have ever met. He is very skillful to understand what his clients want and provide best candidates to meet his clients' requirement. He also do lots of preparation to help the candidates succeed in their interview. If you are looking for some good talents or a new opportunity, Cecil is recommended.

Qing Ye IT Delivery Project Executive at IBM Global Process Services

Cecil is a real professional of his job. Fast, sharp, always on the move, always in the right place. This is how this person could be described in couple of words, which I still believe not enough. I get to know him as a career consultant who have made a big contribution to my career, and am pretty sure he changed lives of many people helping them find their places in their lives.

Aziz Normatov Senior Investment Manager at Tama Home/Global Investments

Cecil has an unbelievable work ethic. He took a consultative approach very positively with me and he was extremely responsive, understanding and supportive when I tried to look for a job opportunity. He knows how to network, build long term relationships and friendships. I think that he is a type of a person who concerns others very much.

Masaaki Wake Assistant Finance Manager at Dell Japan

His intelligence, experience and sincere care for the best match for his clients enable him to be one of the best recruiting consultants that I have met during my job hunting activities. His numerous advises were based on what was best for me and the company, not based on “getting the deal done” which would not work for the long term. His passion for the best quality for the job shined through.

Mizuho Minegishi Corporate Planning at Mitsui & Co. USA Inc.

Cecil brought a unique character and flair to the work we do with our clients. His ability to think around issues made him very effective with clients who had specific and difficult to meet requirements.

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