Candidates and Industry Professionals

"Finding a new job should be your last resort, not you’re first."

Even though most companies these days do not expect life time employment, loyalty is still a critical part of your overall value as a candidate. Therefore it is important to understand WHEN is the right time to look for a new job.

Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio does not just focus on recruiting solutions, but also career counseling, career mapping, and problem resolution.

Nothing in life is free, especially not recruiting services! Even though you do not pay your recruiter, they fully expect that you will interview and take a job at one of their clients, regardless of weather or not this is the best move for your career. This can put your career in great risk and this is the actual price that you pay.

It is critical to know the difference at every point in your career (especially for HR Managers and Senior & Executive Management) between when to look for a new job and when you just need some good career guidance and advice.

If you are a job seeker, please register and you will be contacted by Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio directly.

Career Advise

There is no such thing as the perfect job or company. Job stability is crucial to your career health so do not treat job changing lightly.

If you are not sure weather or not it is the right time to change and you need help to

  • Map your career
  • Make sure you are on the right path
  • Get advice on a very complicated work issue that affects your career direction
  • Get general career guidance advice

...Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio Career Advising services can help. Contact us !

Career Transition Services

Simply having problems at work or desiring higher income does not make you a job seeker.

You are a job seeker if:

  • You are ready to change jobs right away or within a 1-3 month (notice) period
  • You would like to submit your resume to other companies and start interviewing immediately
  • You have already decided leave your job and are just waiting for a new and better opportunity
  • You cannot see your future at your current company
  • You feel stress or sickness on a regular/daily basis because of your work situation
  • You have not gained any new knowledge or skills for an extended period of time
  • You are clearly not valued by your current employer

If you are a job seeker, please register and you will be contacted by Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio directly.-

HR Managers and Senior & Executive Management

Sr. Executive and HR management are some of the loneliest places to work in the fashion business. Because of our level of responsibility and information access, it is difficult to know who you can turn to for career advice and how to go about finding a new job. You seem to know all the right people, but it is very difficult at times to approach them with these issues.

Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio has worked wit some of the biggest names in the fashion business on some very confidential searches/placements. We understand how small this industry is and maintain the privacy priority at all times.

If you need a place to confide, please do not hesitate to contact Fashion Recruiting by Cecilio.